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Tidspunkt: 9. november kl. 13.30-14.10.

Oplægsholder: Johanni Larjanko.

Målrettet til: Voksen- og efteruddannelse.

Om oplægget

The presentation focuses on barriers to participating in digital society and the most common reasons for not attending IT-training or asking for IT-support. How do we create better opportunities for Nordic citizens regarding:

  • using public digital services.
  • participation in lifelong learning.
  • participation in working life.

The presentation will focus on the results from the research and development work of NVL Digital during 2021-2022 and 5 recommendations based on research, as well as the latest development - an online tool for frontline workers (counsellors, IT support staff, etc.) for improving concrete impact.

Om oplægsholderen

Johanni Larjanko, NVL Finland and coordinator of the Nordic network NVL Digital.

Johanni Larjanko has worked in adult education since 1997. He is a journalist by profession, with a special interest in civil society. In 2018 he became the national coordinator for NVL (Nordic Network for Adult Learning) in Finland, as such he has been running the national network for adult basic skills in Finland. If you want to engage in discussion, mentioning non-formal adult education, civil society, equal opportunities or democracy are good starting points. 

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Sidst opdateret: 1. september 2023